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Chicago Freelance Web Designer Hi, I’m Trish, a Chicago based freelance web designer with 19 years experience in the web and print industry. After years of working for clients like Sears and the State of Illinois, I decided to bring my business home, working in web design and development.

Recently, I’ve been working with mid-sized companies, converting large outdated websites to WordPress, the perfect solution to bring website management in-house.  The latest conversion was a hefty 300+ page html site for a Medical Analysis company in Texas. The site was built to completion in a temporary location and Google didn’t miss a beat when the site was moved and went live, and no traffic or page rank was lost. The fee for the finished job was capped at $5,000, half of what other company’s quoted. The work was completed in a month and the client was extremely happy with the service provided.

I’ve also worked with with webpreneurs, seo experts, and marketing pros who own multiple websites. The design process consists of finding the perfect WordPress Theme. Then, custom elements are incorporated to emphasize marketing goals and SEO. This process provides the quickest turn, saving time and meeting clients needs effectively. My clients are satisfied with the high quality of my work, quick turnaround and the return on their investment.

My latest body of work has begun with the creation of Premium WordPress Themes. I saw a strong need for affordable premium themes that are easier to configure. Each time I set up a purchased theme for a client, I’d think to myself, “how would someone with little web experience possibly know how to set this up?” Clients would spend $75 or more for a product they couldn’t get working and need to hire me to fix it. So I used my experience programming custom themes for clients to create unique, fully featured WordPress Website Templates with the inexperienced user in mind. My premium themes are dead simple to set up with complete instructions, and are available at about half of the cost.

My passion and ultimate goal every time I sit down to work, is to create something solid that really functions… not only technically and aesthetically, but to truly perform for your business.

If you need a new website built for you, or have an outdated website that you’d like converted to WordPress, contact me for a quote.

Want to see more? Check out my Web Design Portfolio.

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