The Simplest Responsive Nav Menu You’ll Ever Build

The Simplest Responsive Nav Menu You'll Ever Build
I ran across this video, worked out the code and had to share! This will really be helpful in building simpler navigation menus for mobile websites. Heres the Video I only added a few things -a document ready function for the jquery to work for me -a meta tag to remove the default zoom on Read More

How to Hire a Web Designer

How to Hire a Web Designer
Whered my designer go? Oh man is this a common gripe in the industry. It’s as if work isnt incentive enough to keep a web designer around. For reasons unknown, be it scheduling issues, a bad client/designer fit or just plain life, I hear from so many clients that their designers are notorious for pulling Read More

Get More Likes on Facebook

Get More Likes on Facebook
its not as hard as you think… We KILLED it on facebook last winter. Over 900 new likes on our little nursery fanpage in just a few short months, and we didnt do much more than USE facebook. 3 to 5 times a day. Sounded like a lot… almost too much, but when it came Read More

The process and the cost of website marketing

Website marketing is now considered to be the highest form of marketing your business. People nowadays are more interested in getting help online, and shopping for the required items online too. Any and every kind of information is available over the Internet, and so people like to shop from the comfort of their home. Through Read More

Growing Your Freelance Small Business

When you’re in business for yourself as a consultant, independent contractor or freelancer, it’s all about you and the client. Whether you’re an independent web designer or freelance writer, nurturing that relationship is as important as turning in stellar work when it comes to ensuring your professional and financial future. The U.S. Small Business Administration Read More

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page

Updated for 2013 If you dont have a Facebook page for your business, what are you waiting for!? It’s one of the best ways to get in front of a ridiculously large audience. The game is constantly changing, so here are the new rules for kicking ass with facebook in 2013. First things first, you Read More

How to Afford the Cost of a Website

The expenses needed in running a website successfully There is no website that is completely free of cost. You will definitely have to bear the expenses that are related to running your website successfully. You may use a free host and free website creation software that is available. However, you need to know that free should not Read More

Social media networking: Useful tips for thriving business marketing

Every business, at one point of time or the other, has to go through a phase of low money supply where liabilities seem to excel profits. Times are tough, and it’s not very surprising to see businesses look for various debt relief options. However, prevention is always better than cure. Instead of seeking different debt Read More

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for 2012

UPDATE! The new article for 2013 is here Updated for 2012 Facebook is still kicking butt. Everyone and their mother is on there and fortune 500 companies have caught on with contests, fan photo uploads and so many other promotional ideas that Facebook marketing strategies is an entire science of its own. Even still, its Read More

Facebook Landing Page for 2012

facebook landing page theme
UPDATE! 2012, heh. This post is ancient in Facebook years. At the time of posting, there were no great services for landing pages. Heck, landing pages arent allowed on the front of your profile anymore. But you can STILL create pages to feature your signup forms, contests, coupons, etc. Now, marketers run facebook ads to Read More