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WordPress Website Conversion


If you already have a website, but can’t do anything with it because its in some weird format, let me convert it to wordpress for you! WordPress is easy to learn and FUN!

If you’ve been wanting to add a blog to your website, make simple edits or add new pages, let me convert your website to WordPress!

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New Website Build


Don’t have a website yet? Let me build you one! Get a professional website up and running quickly so you can get your product or service OUT THERE.

If you dont have the technical skills, or just don’t feel like taking the time to build your own website, tell me about what you need and I’ll design a beautiful new website for your business.

More About This Service

“Dealing with you so far has been a breath of fresh air Trisha, because I feel like you’ve understood my project right from the get-go, and that thrills me, because it’s hard work finding a developer who can get inside your “design head” right away. You’ve done that, and I’m seriously impressed.”

“I just knew from our first communication that you were the person for job, and as every day goes by and I watch what you’re doing, I’m more and more certain of it.

Lovin’ your work!”

“Y’know Trisha, I’ve been trying to work out why I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by the outstanding work you’ve been doing, and I now realise why. I’m not just impressed; I’m not just happy; I’m not even just delighted … what I am, is really, really grateful. You’ve taken my hopes and ideas and you’ve managed to bring them to life for me. I know we’re not done yet, but I wanted to say “thank you, so much”.”

“WOW TRISHA!! Have you been drinking red cordial today? Talk about a productive day for you. I am SO impressed with everything you’ve achieved. It looks bloody brilliant!”

“Gees girl .. you are good!
I’ve been working with a developer who specialises in doing templates for my billing system, but to be honest, for all the positive testimonials on his website, he’s been a pain in the arse to work with and after offering to pay him a premium price for a custom job and more than a month of waiting, I still have absolutely nothing to work with. It’s a disgrace.”

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