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This website was inspired by a vegetable nutrition chart that I designed for my nursery business. Our food is contaminated with poison and processed to the point of zero nutrition. More and more people are growing aware of this fact and angry enough to make a change. Anyone interested in their health not only needs to know how to eat healthy, but also needs to know how to grow it. ‘Survivalists’ are hugely interested in growing vegetables, and the sheer amount of people fanatic about this topic is enormous. One forum I researched had over 1 million visitors per month. The market is there.

Sadly, I have no time to build this website and get it out there to the people. My loss can be your gain.

I’ve designed a beautiful mobile-ready, custom wordpress theme for this website. It comes with a matching Facebook Page, Pinterest account and Gmail account. I can also provide a high resolution logo if you need something in print. There are a few blog posts and recipes to start you off.

Contact Me if you’d like to purchase this website package. Send me an email and make an offer!