Video Bloggers Delight! Everyone wants to see your pretty face. Video lends so much interest to any webpage. Video Blogs are entertaining and less work for the visitor. They just Click play and sit back… If you can make interesting videos, they come back for more and more.

This wordpress plugin SeeTheFace is structured around audio/video software solutions that enable website owners deliver video recording and publishing possibilities to their visitors and subscribers.” Record video RIGHT into wordpress without any external software or editors… and it’s pretty darn smooth lookin’.

While it doesn’t have the ability to embed other forms of video, like youtube or camtasia videos, this is really a cool functionality to add to wordpress… It puts an icon in your wordpress post’s WYSIWYG editor and lets you record a new video straight from your worpdress blog. With many recording and editing controls like recording size, brightness/contrast controls, choosing your players skin…  Place some code in your new post and youre ready to go!

One last thing. You will need to sign up for an activation key, but its free on the video plugin’s website

Happy Recording!