A lot of internet beginners hit a wall when it comes to traffic. I’m sure you’ve seen countless questions across the internet of newcomers asking… How do I get traffic? I’ve hit that same wall on my internet journey as well.

And my answer to that question, especially when I think back to when I started is… write down all the ways to get traffic, and go through that list every single day.

These days there are so many more methods to get traffic than there was when I started, but the idea is the same. Promote like crazy! Every single day do as many tasks from your list as you possibly can. Once you’re done building, promote and drive traffic. Thats it. Use your stats to see where people are going and how long they’re hangin around, and of course, measure your success in click-throughs and sales. Then make your changes (ONE AT A TIME! or split test) and keep promoting. So what are the  21 ways???

I think a repost of Steven Pierce’s 21 ways to drive traffic to your website is called for here. Looking at his list, I believe he hasn’t missed a thing…

  1. Blog Traffic
  2. Directory Traffic
  3. Forum Traffic
  4. Article Traffic
  5. Joint Venture Traffic
  6. MySpace Traffic
  7. eZine Traffic
  8. Pay-Per-Click Traffic
  9. Classified Traffic
  10. Squidoo Traffic
  11. Search Engine Traffic
  12. Banner Traffic
  13. Craigslist Traffic
  14. eBay Traffic
  15. Facebook Traffic
  16. Social Network Traffic
  17. Podcasting Traffic
  18. Social Shopping Traffic
  19. YouTube Traffic
  20. Link Traffic
  21. Press Release Traffic

Of course you don’t have to do ALL of these to get good traffic. That would take forever. ugh. Pick a few that sound the most appealing to you, at least 4 and do them every single day and watch your stats grow!

Best of Luck and
Happy Promoting!

P.S. How to use ALL 21 of these traffic methods listed by Steven Pierce!