Update 11/09: Fileqube has taken out enough features to consider this no longer free… Their service is still pretty awesome for $6/mo. box.net has free storage and sharing, though they dont show you your download stats for free.

Need a place for secure file storage? Not only that, but with a pretty big chunk of disk space? Occasionally do you want to share your files? and know how many people downloaded any particular file?

I wanted to share a .zip file. So I went to work, signing up and comparing many of the free online file storage sites. I went through about 6 of these services before I found one I even liked a little. File Qube by far gets my vote for best free online file storage site…

Not only does it include 2GB’s of free space, it’s easy to use and quick to navigate with a smooth interface, and has a multitude of features. It meets the requirement for secure file storage with a quick share/unshare toggle and password protect option.

View your files in detail view (from the toolbar at the top)
free file storage

Share/Unshare from the pulldown on the right. Here you can find links to put on your site.
free file storage

You can publish straight to your blog (blogger and wordpress), send a shared link by email, create widgets for shared folders, password protect shared files. The feature I love, is that it counts downloads, so you don’t have to mess with any other type of stats to know if your files are getting any attention.