All it really takes is 3 minutes to Optimize WordPress for search engines, but lets take our SEO a step further and dig into theme code. Now that I’ve been tearing apart themes for a while, it’s a golden opportunity to soup up WordPress for max optimization. Id like to offer it as a free download to my readers:

Free SEO Theme for WordPress
This layout has been restructured and totally customized for Search Engine Optimization. I kept it very clean, light on code and graphics, with important information at the top where spiders cant miss it. Plus the theme structure lets you use WordPress to keep your keywords organized… Less planning, more writing.

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Download: [download#1#size#nohits]

What Was Done:
I moved the H1 tag to the top where it belongs, using the Category to automatically fill it. Similarly, post Tags automatically fill your H2 tags. I took the weight off the post title, so now you can write awesome headlines for your readers, and not for search engines. Your content immediately follows very close to the top of the page.

The page menu was moved out of the spiders way with CSS Positioning, and I added some cool drop down CSS. Finally, I added breadcrumb navigation to the bottom of the page, so your keywords are not only read first, they’re also read last.

The layout is built to fill the screen and look good at all resolutions. Sticky posts have additional styling to give your featured posts some pop. Images for sticky posts are automatically inserted using the first image in your post.

How To Use This Theme:
WordPress is a very handy tool for recording keyword research. As you find good keyword phrases, enter them as Categories. (I also use the category description area to record keyword data since the theme is not coded to show a description, the data remains private.) Categories  do not show up in WordPress until you use them, so its a good way to save data while keeping organized.  Now as you write your posts, you will have categories available to you. This way you can reference your keywords while writing… sort of a set-it-and-forget-it method. Choose your category, and your H1 tag is complete.

As you research, you’re sure to find ‘child’ keywords that support your main keyword. Add them as Post Tags. Post Tags will appear automatically as an H2 tag – in the gray meta box following the category. WordPress doesnt list Tags in your editor like it does with categories, so you may have to go back to check, but once entered, your H2 tag is complete.

Write your post title freely for your readers, and page content as you normally would.

I have yet to learn how to add control over meta Title and Description from inside a theme. This is VERY important!
All in One SEO
is a great plugin for defining page by page titles and descriptions.

Additional plugins to use for SEO and indexing:
Google XML Sitemaps
Contextual Related Posts

One last thing, Im working on an option for you to insert your logo. Until then, if you’d like me to code your logo into the theme, Id be happy to do it for you. Upload your logo to wordpress, send the url location of the logo, and where to send the file back to you to

I’d love to see how your using this theme! Leave your comments with links to your site. Tell me what you like or hate about it and how it could be better.