Try these Free Copywriting Videos!

Ok, so people have been asking about web design services. I figured I’d take a shot at writing a sales page. Im no writer and thats fine, but a little help getting my point across would be helpful…  I started looking into it.

If you want to learn something, you try to learn from the best,  right? tipped me off to John Carlton who is proclaimed to be the best in copywriting. I’m following his  material now. So far it looks like winning stuff.  He’s teaching his 17 step system that one of his students says is  “freaky” how well it works.  Id like to see more and try it out before I recommend anything to spend real money on.

In the meantime, I found you guys some free videos.   Not as much finesse as John Carlton’s, but the basics are there.  It’s Copywriting for Promotional Emails, but it translates easily to salespage copy.  The site requires a sign up (sorry), but i think its worth it. they’re pretty good videos.

you know they say 🙂 just a little copywriting know-how can make a big difference!

best of luck
and happy writing!