UPDATE! 2012, heh. This post is ancient in Facebook years. At the time of posting, there were no great services for landing pages. Heck, landing pages arent allowed on the front of your profile anymore. But you can STILL create pages to feature your signup forms, contests, coupons, etc. Now, marketers run facebook ads to send visitors to these landing pages. The article below lays out steps to create these apps and pages, but now theres an easier way. You can do all this with Woobox, in way less steps and you no longer need a secure server or separate wordpress install. I have an example ‘fangate’ going on my facebook page.

Ive also updated How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for 2013 With steps to get your page up and running quickly and some GREAT cover examples.

Facebook Landing Pages are confusing to say the least. Facebook is constantly changing, keeping page owners on their toes to stay up to speed. This video is two days in the making, worth of research and testing so you’re not banging your head against a wall, figuring this stuff out.

While there are services that will build a facebook landing page for you, you might be a do it yourself kinda person or not have the cash to have a landing page made professionally. This video is for you. I’ll guide you through 11 steps to get it done. Plus I’ve created a stripped down WordPress theme to use for your Facebook Landing Pages and included a text version of the steps. Enjoy!

Create Your Own Facebook Landing Page

Download: [download#3#nohits]
Download: 11 Step Text File right click to save
facebook landing page themeDoes a matching website/facebook theme sound awesome? Like a little mini version of your website right in facebook where visitors can shop, sign up, read about you – anything you can do in WordPress. I thought so! So I created one especially for my visitors for a very low price of $14 until the end of January. Snag it today before the deal is gone!
Check it out Here!