Facebook Landing Page for 2012

UPDATE! 2012, heh. This post is ancient in Facebook years. At the time of posting, there were no great services for landing pages. Heck, landing pages arent allowed on the front of your profile anymore. But you can STILL create pages to feature your signup forms, contests, coupons, etc. Now, marketers run facebook ads to send visitors to these landing pages. The article below lays out steps to create these apps and pages, but now theres an easier way. You can do all this with Woobox, in way less steps and you no longer need a secure server or separate wordpress install. I have an example ‘fangate’ going on my facebook page.

Ive also updated How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for 2013 With steps to get your page up and running quickly and some GREAT cover examples.

Facebook Landing Pages are confusing to say the least. Facebook is constantly changing, keeping page owners on their toes to stay up to speed. This video is two days in the making, worth of research and testing so you’re not banging your head against a wall, figuring this stuff out.

While there are services that will build a facebook landing page for you, you might be a do it yourself kinda person or not have the cash to have a landing page made professionally. This video is for you. I’ll guide you through 11 steps to get it done. Plus I’ve created a stripped down WordPress theme to use for your Facebook Landing Pages and included a text version of the steps. Enjoy!

Create Your Own Facebook Landing Page

Download: FanTabs WordPress Theme
Download: 11 Step Text File right click to save
facebook landing page themeDoes a matching website/facebook theme sound awesome? Like a little mini version of your website right in facebook where visitors can shop, sign up, read about you – anything you can do in WordPress. I thought so! So I created one especially for my visitors for a very low price of $14 until the end of January. Snag it today before the deal is gone!
Check it out Here!

36 Responses to “Facebook Landing Page for 2012”

  1. Trisha,

    Thank you for the awesome relevant content so clearly explained.

    Your presentation is in a class by itself. It is one of the most user friendly trainings I’ve seen online.


    • Trisha says:

      woo hoo, thanks Louis!

      • Alex says:

        Thaaaanks! I actually spent some time figuring out how to do this properly with no success.
        The latest problem for me was “how to find your app after u created it” :)
        So, um, ye… thanks again! U rock ūüėČ

        • Trisha says:

          Thanks Alex! It does get frustrating when youre trying to do something and they keep moving information, taking away features, etc etc etc… So glad to be able to help!

          • Alex says:

            Haha, true true! FB updates and changes r so frustrating. >.<
            Aaanyway, greetings from Lithuania ;D

            • Trisha says:

              So frustrating that so many developers abandon their fb projects, so its even harder to find anything that works. Hey back atchya from Chicago!!!

              • Alex says:

                :) Ow, if u dont mind I have few questions.
                1). Would Flicker work for a much simpler picture hosting to use in your welcome tab? I mean use the simple image URL that goes “Http://”, and then creating the secure one just by adding “s” – “https”, to the link?
                2). Do u have any experience in FB tab creating like in “FBML”? I need to create a tab, lets say that it will have two links to two gyms (just for example, one is in Chicago and another is in NY). So one or another link should open the details inside the FB window for the specific gym.
                How could I do it? Create a page on his website server and then link it in the FB app? OR any other way?
                I hope i made it clear, and u got some ideas :)

                • Trisha says:

                  Im not sure if flickr would work because it really needs to be on a secure server. I believe the reason for 2 urls is because some people on facebook are seeing secure sites, others are not. I tested with both secure and non secure urls. I could see some content, friends of mine couldnt. Id say give it a shot, then ask around to see if other people see your image.

                  I havent tried FBML, if you look in your apps on your page, the FBML app is still there, so I think it might still work. Since html/iframes is much easier(?) they might be phasing that app out… you never know with facebook.

                  • Alex says:

                    Hm… Ok, I will try some random image from Flicker on my experimental fan page. :) I will let u know if it works.

                    About the FMBL and iFrames and so on… as I remember u cant change the icon of the tab, or maybe I just dunno how to do it.
                    From the info I have seen ATM on pages like Asus or etc, it seems that everything is linked to a mini site created specifically for FB purposes, or in other cases to a company server that specifies in FB Page/Tab creating.
                    So I guess creating a mini site to host the content is the only option if u dont like iFrames stuff. The main benefits are that u can link everything in a proper HTML way with your desired icons and so on.

                • Trisha says:

                  heres how i would do it. Create a minisite with all the info you need to show. Everything will fit in that 520px wide box. Create one main index page and all the subsequent pages like you would any other website. Then link the app to your index page.

                  • Trisha says:

                    You CAN change the icon in your tab. In your fb app, right below the name theres an upload button. Yes, thats exactly how to do it. create a site like you would any other site, making sure it fits that width constraint – or – like you said go with a service that lets you build facebook tabs.

  2. Hey Trish,

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I found you through YouTube after banging my head against the wall for the past 3 hours.

    Nobody else on the web teaches, soup to nuts, how to install a Fan Page tab.

    Optimize the hell out of this page because you’ve got the goods.

  3. Waldir Hannemann says:

    Nice tutorial Trisha…. thanks and regards from sunny Brazil !

  4. Mark says:

    With the new timeline, is this still current? I’m just getting this going and need to know if I’m current!

    • Yes, Mark. You can still use applications pretty much the same way. The only differences are that the app is not allowed to be set as your ‘landing page’ and the layout is wider so you can fit more info on the page.

      • Peter Pope says:

        Hi Trisha
        I was wondering if this application  is still good for FB. 
        Because I had problem in the first steps with your tutorial.
        Let me explain, ¬† I’m an absolute beginner and I could not understand how you were able to upload the fantab into mydomain.com/fantab. ¬†I do not understand how to do that. Is ita sub-domain of the main site or is that a page of the site.

        Another question: Can this be done with a responsive theme compatible to the mobile gadgets?  August 22, 2012

      • Mukarram says:

        Is it still working ????  Trisha 

        Thanks a lot for your kind help – May God Bless you :)

  5. Pcobyrne says:

    After spending the day trying to get this IFrame app to work I have failed. At one stage I got the app showing – but when I clicked the app the page did open but the content did not show. Any suggestions

  6. Jim says:

    I think this is a fantastic product, and a very useful marketing tactic but if I’m not mistaken, the new Facebook timeline which will take effect across ALL Facebook Fan Pages will kill it. Any thoughts?

    • Jim, its killing the concept of outright promotion on your main page. Facebook has restructured to be more useful as intended… a ‘timeline’ of your company, service or product. Timeline cover photos arent allowed to contain any promotional content as well. All in all, i think it will be more effective for companies to ‘connect’ through facebook than to ‘promote’ through facebook. I read an article recently about how effective ‘landing page’ tactics were (like us to receive yada yada) and at best it only converted at like 15% which isnt bad, but better time spent doing it the way facebook wants.

  7. Directing ppl to the landing page by default is no longer an option in manage Permissions. Is there a new way to do this?

    • ¬†yes, I know this article is out of date. Planning on creating and updated one for 2013. Landing pages by default is no longer an option, but you can still use tabs and apps for marketing. Its common now to create an optin form on a tab, then run a facebook ad directly to that tab. People dont like to leave facebook, so they figured out a way to market INSIDE Facebook. Isnt that great.

  8. Rmiller says:

    Does this still work?

  9. Kirthi says:

    Just loved your point to point tutorial.. you are the best.. everyone else just confuses my mind.. All the best with your work.. Keep ’em coming..

  10. Sahilmepani says:

    Very helpful video & clearly explained

  11. Hila says:

    hi Trish, thanks for the video and the wp theme. its fantastic! you are the best! :))))
    one thing though – i use hostgator too, but when i enter the link the way you explained it (i configure with my server, my username, etc) and save changes, i get a 404 error page. any ideas why that is? my wordpress is installed on gabinitzan.com/fantabs
    thanks very much! would be great if you can help :)

  12. Massincomesystem says:

    Hi Trisha

    Thank Trisha your Tutorial is fantastic. I have build everything on wordpress and then went on to install on facebook and the developers page has change. You need to now register as a developer. I done that and they send you a activation code that is 8 digits but the box only takes 6.  I have done it 2 times but still the same problem. Is there a solution for this.

    Beautiful South Africa

    • ¬†Andre, I havent had trouble getting into the developer area. You should be able to get in there with your regular facebook profile. Not exactly sure what to do in your case. Did you get it figure out?

  13. Hi, I just saw your video, on how to make iframes on FB, And I couldn’t
    follow along, but I did get the idea that you were trying to show, can
    you please take a look at what I have…and give me some pointers?

  14. Thank you for the great step by step tutorial.  As a start up business, your video will hopefully help me get some free advertising.  I was never a big fan of word press but your tutorial made it very easy.

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