Ready to connect with your wordpress subscribers? Sending email is a powerful way to build relationships, boost traffic and ultimately see your website goals a reality. They’ve already expressed an interest in you, it’d be shameful to miss the opportunity.

As a wordress user, youve probably said, ok, here are my signups, but where’s the email button? All these controls, it should be here somewhere.

Unfortunately there isnt one.

Be it a security risk or a programming oversight, WordPress doesnt go all the way here. It allows registration and stores subscribers, but doesnt offer a built in way to stay in touch!

We know that mailing lists have been a magic bullet for website owners for years, but for some reason WordPress hasnt put the two together.

Its aggravating and slowing down production. Instead of working on our site or connecting with people, were searching for a way to get the job done. AND, theres no one simple answer for every website…

email subscribers from wordpress But there are options.

How to Email WordPress Subscribers

If you merely want to send an email when you update your blog, FeedBurner is the way to go. They offer a nice signup form code that gives your visitors options for signing up and automatically sends out an email when you update your site. In addition, you can see subscriber stats in the feedburner control panel.

Email Users is probably the simplest email plugin, and seems to do the job. It picked up my existing subscribers from the database and sent an email. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Very nice. But its lacking some power. It doesn’t keep a log of what was sent, to whom and when.

Plus features:

  • Choose who to email by individual users or entire groups.
  • Email according to WordPress’ built in ‘roles’ (subscriber, contributor, author, etc), they’re called user groups here.
  • Updates your subscribers with new blog posts to their email.
  • Allow users to email each other through your site.
  • Extremely quick and easy to set up and utilize (under 5 minutes)
  • Being able to organize subscribers into roles has interesting possibilities.

The Email Users plugin could do the trick if you need something quick and lightweight that actually works.

I didnt see screen shots, so i took these from inside admin:





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Happy Emailing!