Everybody show some luvvvv… link love that is. Lucias Link Love is a do follow plugin for wordpress. It lets you disable the default no follow attribute built into wordpress so search engines will follow links in your visitors comments. While its my first instinct to hack the code, so my updates are permanent, theres a very good reason to utilize this plugin. blog SPAM. ooh i said the bad word.

This plugin gives bloggers greater control over comments by requiring a certain number of minimum comments to be made before links are followed (from 3 to 10). This prevents spammers from attacking your blog, and still allows visitors to get the love they need from your blog – a link back!

Heres what others have to say:

swollenpickles (4 comments.) on July 26th, 2007 5:55 am

“I have to say, this plugin sounds a lot better than the standard do follow plugin in. I installed then uninstalled that after having to clean out too many comments from “cashmere dog sweaters” etc.”

Yea, That sounds all too familiar. I haven’t run into spam on this blog yet, so I will hang on to my hack until this plugin is necessary, but Lucias Link Love is loaded and READY. Hah! take that spammers!

Happy Commenting!