I read about a CSS Trick where you move the menu code down past the content, while keeping the menu at the top of the page. This can help with your site’s Search Engine Optimization, giving the spiders relevant content and keywords first on your page, while still providing good navigation for your readers.

Its done with positioning in CSS. I never really did FULLY understand positioning in CSS. I was working on my SEOd like Crazy Theme for WordPress where I wanted to use this trick, and had to get to learning… BarelyFitz made a neat tutorial to learn CSS Positioning that helped me figure it out.

I knew to set my positioning on the menu to absolute, but was running into a problem: My layout was a fixed width, centered on the page.  The menu needed to stay inside my layout, not just stick to the top right of the page… Different screen resolutions will throw this layout completely out of whack… such a long explanation for such an easy fix!

Put the menu div inside another div (in this case my page wrapper) and set the wrappers position to relative.