Your about page is a great way to convert people from visitors to raving fans. Not only is it time to sell yourself, its time to sell your practice too.

About My Practice

How does working with you benefit THEM? Start with an about section that explains all of the benefits people will get from working with you. Have you helped hundreds of people pull it together? Tell them! Sing your own praises of why you love your business and exactly how it helps people make a difference.

My Story

Your story is what stands out. YOU are unique. If you’re the girl with pink hair, the guy that cant stop traveling, or the converse freak, paint a picture for people to remember you by. Who you are and where you come from is important too. This is also where you can bear your soul, the good the bad the ugly. Maybe there was something you’ve been afraid to tell people about yourself. Its time to own it. Showing your vulnerability only makes you more human. People like human.

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