Coach Theme

This WordPress theme has been designed to give coaches a ridiculously easy tool to set up a website to present your business in an exceptional way. Every element has been set in place based on a good marketing flow. Each page is set up to look great with just a photo. Even this demo site can help you build your website, with examples and tips along the way. Copy this site and help visitors get your best so they will follow you, love you and become your biggest fan! And best of all, its fully responsive and looks great on every device.

Upload your (small) logo, choose your colors, add your signup form and a few pages with photos and you’re ready to go. Now you can concentrate on your content, your special offers and your marketing plan. Exactly what a web building tool is supposed to do. Get you up and running fast so you can spend your time building your business, not a website.

How to Set Up Your Home Page

Create a page called Home. In the page editor, type the content you want in this space. If you dont want content here, you can leave it blank… Add a featured image to insert an image in the space above the signup bar. If you dont want an image above the signup bar, you can leave that blank too. Publish… Go to Settings > Reading. Choose: Front page displays ‘A Static Page’ Then select “Home” in the drop down menu. Voila. An image, custom home page content, then your latest posts below.

Before you do anything else.
Go to Plugins. DELETE Akismet. (and hello dolly). Install the following. WordPress Zero Spam. Wordfence Security. WordPress SEO. You will get no comment spam, no form spam, no hackers, and you can optimize your site for keywords. Then go to Settings > Permalinks. Click the Post name radial button and save changes. You are good to go!

Build Your Creative Muscles

If you’re looking for more ways to get your business out in front of people, its time to get creative. You probably have tried and true methods of getting a client, whether it be telling your family, friends and colleagues what you do and keeping it in front of your small circle, but how do… read more +

Start of A Journey

Every journey starts somewhere. Most online journeys start with Google, but with the internet becoming a bigger place, this is getting harder every day. Are you giving your visitors a way to find you? Marketing with content, writing a blog, creating videos, publishing images all with the specific goal of reaching your target audience is… read more +