Clean Business WordPress Themes

Clean is the new trend in web design, and for good reason. It allows your business and your visitors to focus on what’s important… your message. As more and more businesses clean up their websites, it seems that a one size fits all theme with a page builder is becoming a useful tool for building a website.

Here are my favorite Clean Business WordPress Themes:

Divi Theme for WordPress

My Absolute FAVORITE WordPress Theme is Divi Theme for WordPress by Elegant Themes. It makes designing a website so easy, i call it ‘layout building for dummies’. It has honestly cut my production time by at least a third. Im so thrilled to have this theme! In fact, every new website I build, is built with Divi. The website you’re looking at right now? yep, its divi.

Of course divi is mobile responsive, you have to be these days, but man there’s so much more to it. The layout builder is probably the most impressive part of this theme.

Drag and drop makes it easy, no more fussing with html, css, columns, tables, it’s just all there for you. They have prebuilt layouts and 30 modules that make it easy to place all kinds of items. Images, Videos, Sliders, Calls to Actions, Pricing tables, counters, maps.

Plus you have total control over every element with Advanced design settings to change fonts, colors, spacing and so much more.

This Is Seriously the Best Theme Ive Ever Used

If you’re looking to build your own website, or you if build websites for a living, this could easily
be the most important tool in your design bag. I honestly could not live without it.

Get Divi Theme

Thrive Themes

Some of the best looking, fastest loading clean business wordpress themes I’ve seen are Thrive themes. If you havent heard of Thrive yet, youre gonna love em. Thrive is the new kid on the block but they’re proving their worth quickly with some amazing built-in features, great design and solid code.

I cant wait to follow this company as they grow. Thrive themes are built for conversion, so marketers, small companies, just about anyone that has a goal in mind for their website will fall in love with their themes. And they make building super easy.

Create sample sales pages, opt-in pages, legal pages and more with just a few clicks. The buit in page generator makes it easy to build fully featured, conversion-focused website in the shortest amount of time. Choose from over 600 fonts, header layout styles, custom colors, so you get the perfect layout for your website every time.

There are a number of themes to choose from and they all have Thrive’s great webpage builder software with amazing options. Thrive builds in common functions with ultra-lean, speed optimized features like social sharing feature, related posts feature, optimized image galleries, a font manager and more. Oh yes, and of course, they’re responsive so they look great on mobile devices. Thumbs up Thrive!

Check Out Thrive Themes





Now that you have chosen your theme, there are some important plugins that I add immediately to every wordpress site I build. These are super important for security and SEO.

The Big 3

3 ‘Must Have’ plugins to go along with your wordpress website

Zero Spam

By default, wordpress adds a plugin called Akismet. Its supposed to block comment spam. I was under the impression that akismet was the best there was, even though my comments were littered with junk from people who were talking about everything but my content. Then I found Zero Spam.

Now its a joy to read my comments because they’re only from people who actually READ my article and had something interesting to say! Zero spam also takes care of contact form spam too.

The very first thing I do on any new website is uninstall Akismet, and add Zero Spam.

Wordfence Security

When one of my clients came to me she was under attack! She had not kept her site updated and a nasty hacker was able to sneak in through her wordpress theme.

Once we got the site cleaned up we installed WordFence, one of the best security plugins I’ve ever had the honor to see in action. WordFence will alert you by email when someone tries to log in. We set it to lock out users after 5 failed log in attempts.

I felt so strongly protected with this plugin that it went onto every single one of my websites, immediately.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you have the need to optimize your website for search engines, this is your plugin.

Local businesses, anyone selling a specific product, or anyone with a targeted niche should have this plugin.

WordPress SEO makes it extremely easy to optimize every page and post for your targeted keywords. It also has settings to verify google webmaster tools and connect with social accounts.