Chicago Freelance Web Designer

My Story
Hi, I’m Trish, a freelance designer with 20 years in web and print. After working for clients like Sears and the State of Illinois, I decided to bring business home, doing web design and development in my jammies. (and I do!)  I don’t think it makes me lazy or unprofessional. It’s just that sometimes the work is more exciting than getting dressed, driving to an office, or attending a meeting (and it is!)

…because I get to work with wonderful people. People who need to get their new ideas into shape… and I love new ideas.

I work with a lot of different businesses, big and small. I absolutely love helping a new business get their first website off the ground (or redesigning an old ugly website). Put me on task to build a brand new, beautiful website with a few key pages, bold images, and a strong call to action to get the phone ringing.  Now we’re talkin!

Also, I’ve worked with mid-sized companies, converting large outdated websites to WordPress. The perfect solution to bring website management in-house.  My latest conversion was a hefty 300+ page html site for a Medical company in Texas. The site was rebuilt carefully on a temporary url, so Google didn’t miss a beat when the site went live. No traffic or page rank was lost. The fee for the finished job was capped at $5,000, half of what other web design companies quoted. The work was done in a month and the client was extremely happy.

I’ve also worked with with webpreneurs, seo experts, and marketing pros with multiple websites. These are the real idea guys, the Steve Jobs of the world. If they need a website for a new product, or a great sales page for a special launch. Im the girl. Send me the sales copy and I’m off and running, designing a layout.

If any of these people sound like YOU contact me for a quote!

My passion and ultimate goal every time I sit down to work, is to create something solid that really functions… not only technically and aesthetically, but to truly perform for your business. My clients are satisfied with the high quality of my work, quick turnaround and the return on their investment.

Want to see more? Check out my Web Design Portfolio.