Ive UPDATED This Theme!
now with a whole bunch more goodies. Check it out!

Its been a while but Im back with another Free WordPress Theme. The theme features a javascript menu. To make it work in WordPress, I dove into theme options for the first time! I’m excited at how it turned out and had to give myself a little pat on the back for attempting theme options.

Free WordPress Theme: Blue Dock

Free WordPress Theme - Blue Dock

This theme features a jquery plugin for a super cool expandable hover menu, like the dock menu on a macintosh.

Free WordPress Theme - Jquery Dock Menu

Not only does it look sweet, the theme options give you total control for what goes in the menu.

Free WordPress Theme - Theme Options

Copy and paste any url into the form field. Add pages, posts, links to outside pages, whatever you heart desires. You can also decide which icons you’d like to use. I’ve prepared 40 icons for use with the menu from iconedens ‘Bright’ icon set. I’ve also included a photoshop file, so you can prepare your own icons if you wish.

Download: [download#2#size#nohits]

Other features:

  • Featured Home Page description area (allows html)
  • Latest Post Home Page Styling
  • 2 Column Home Page Excerpts feed
  • 3 Column Widgetized Footer
  • Stylized Comments
  • Meta tag icons (from iconfinder.net)