How to Afford the Cost of a Website

The expenses needed in running a website successfully There is no website that is completely free of cost. You will definitely have to bear the expenses that are related to running your website successfully. You may use a free host and free website creation software...

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Facebook Landing Page for 2012

UPDATE! 2012, heh. This post is ancient in Facebook years. At the time of posting, there were no great services for landing pages. Heck, landing pages arent allowed on the front of your profile anymore. But you can STILL create pages to feature your signup forms,...

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How to Make a Fan Page on Facebook

Facebook is wildly popular. Kids flock there for a daily social fix. Grannies log in to see family photos, and Fortune 500 companys have caught on with decked out fan pages. Its usage is across the board, so its hard to grasp the sheer potential for business without...

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SEO on Steroids!

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Web Series: How to Start a Web Design Business.

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